It is time to slide back in that comfortable chair, put your arms behind your head and just take a deep breath of relaxed satisfaction. Fill your lungs with a deep breath of self aware understanding of who you are.

There is nothing better than feeling at ease. At ease in your own skin, clear in your thinking and free from any hangups associated with social norms or “the way things are supposed to be”. On this International Woman’s Day we at ODDA want to celebrate those women who are confident and believe in themselves. Those who are breaking the rules that repress, restrict or misrepresent women. Today is all about equity, diversity, and respect. The time for liberation is NOW!

Models: Yasmin El Yassini @opheliathanatos 
and Bruno Golisano @b.vincentgolisano@tigers_mgmt are wearing Bottega Veneta
Photographer @thedianalange
Fashion Editor @mariaelena_morelli
Fashion Coordinator @_robertaconsole_
Art Director and Set Designer @marinamelentieva_
Casting Director @dominikwho
Make-up Artist @_miss_giulia__ @closeup using @officialbyredo
Hair Stylist @watarusuzukihair using @oribe
Photographer Assistant @sonjaywilliams
Fashion Assistants @brianplacide and @elisaschenke
Set Design Assistant @p_elin_

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Berlin 2021

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